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JackRabbit Micro Ebike

Bigger isn’t always better! Meet the JackRabbit Micro ebike, the most portable and ultralight micro ebike. This ebike reaches 20 mph thanks to its 300-watt motor, and is fully electric-powered. Don’t be alarmed that this little guy doesn’t have pedals! It’s designed to make your bike-riding experience effortless – the JackRabbit will take care of the work so you can enjoy the ride. This ebike was designed to be the most portable in the world, and it lives up to that objective. Weighing in at only 24 lbs, the JackRabbit can fit anywhere you want to take it.

Easy to Transport!

It can easily be thrown into your car, RV, boat, closet (which makes it super easy to store), carried up apartment steps (perfect for those who have to trek up a flight of stairs to get home), and even on planes. That’s right – the JackRabbit is that transportable (and FAA-compliant)! The JackRabbit is perfect for running errands, short commutes to work, and relaxing rides to find out where the dog has run off to in the neighborhood…again. It has a 10+ mile range and only takes 3 hours to recharge, so it can be ready for your next adventure as soon as you are.

The JackRabbit’s wheels are 20-inch all-terrain wheels, which means that you can take the ebike on the trails as well as in the bike lane. Some users also like the tires because it makes it easier to balance, and makes them feel more secure when reaching those 20-mile-per-hour speeds! Get the ebike that’s going to make your adventures easier — not add another cumbersome piece of equipment to cart around. The JackRabbit may be light, but it packs a heavy punch when it comes to quality, ease of use, and portability.


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