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Dyson Lightcycle Morph

“We spend up to 90% of our time indoors. So our new light tracks daylight and transforms for different uses – providing the right light throughout the day” -Jake Dyson, Chief Engineer

Especially now with everyone in quarantine, we are spending a lot more time indoors. We know some have gone days or even weeks without even going outside, so why not bring the outside to you? Dyson’s new Lightcycle Morph comes in either a floor lamp, or desk lamp. Both are able to track daylight based on your location in the world, and mimic the intensity of the light outdoors, scaled down to be comforting in your home.

With intuitive touch controls , you also have the ability to dim, change the temperature, and even schedule when to turn the light on. With the swiveling arm on top of the Lightcycle Morph, you can either use the small spotlight lamp, or create an ambiance and shine the light down the center of the lamp creating a beacon of light.

Dyson has done it again with unmatched technology. From satellite cooling technology to a simple integrated USB-C charging port, you can tell that Dyson has thoughtfully designed this to be like no other.


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