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A hassle-free organizer for
your laptop accessories

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Super Light


Secure Hold


Long Lasting



Super Light


Secure Hold


Long Lasting


Minimal Design

DriveSlide has a sleek and ultra-thin design that won’t take away from the aesthetics of your laptop or accessory.

Durable Adhesive

The reliable Lock adheres to your laptop with ease, and the Key will hold the weight of your accessory without worry.

No Residue

DriveSlide’s adhesive backing can be easily peeled and cleaned when removed, leaving
no trace behind!

Avoid Being Anchored Down

DriveSlide keeps you mobile and gives all your laptop accessories a place to live without getting in the way.

Skip The Routine Checks

Our airless design eliminates the need for tire inflations, pressure adjustments, and expensive cost for replacing low-quality, standard tires.

Not Another Accessory to Manage

The DriveSlide Lock is designed to adhere to your laptop and easily fit into your laptop case while withstanding the weight of your accessory.


Accessory Organizer To Keep You Portable



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