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Retrospec – Chatham Rev Electric Beach Cruiser Bike

A bike ride on the beach is always fun, enjoyable, and relaxing. That’s why Retrospec designed and created a line specifically for that purpose! The Chatham Rev Electric Beach Cruiser Bike line features a Start Aid 4mph boost system that helps you begin your rides without any wobbling. The top speed of 20mph helps you get to the beach, the pool, or anywhere in between in no time! Moreover, the sturdy rear bike rack is perfect for you to attach your bag to. Additionally the 26 x 2.40 tires make these bikes a smooth ride to kick back on. For those looking for a bike with a little more assistance, the Step-Through variant is the perfect option, as its step-through frame makes getting on and off a breeze. Ride to the beach in style with the Chatham Rev Electric beach Cruiser Bike!


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