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Professional Grade Skin Care Treatments at Home

FDA-cleared, dermatologist-recommended LED light therapy device for men

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Made for Men’s Skin

• Stimulates the body’s own, natural healing process
• Creates new collagen and elastin
• Reduces the appearance of pigmentation, redness,
and sun damage

Renew Your Skin at Home

• Suitable for all skin types
• Soothes & Repairs
• Reduces the appearance of pigmentation, redness, and sun damage
• Decreases inflammation & redness
• Reduces bumps and ingrown hairs
• Protects & invigorates your skin

As Featured In:

As Featured In:

FDA Cleared & Clinically Proven

Dermatologist Recommended

Satisfaction Guaranteed

All-Natural & Safe

Last night was my first time using this mask… surprisingly, my skin looked better after one use

– Roy B. –

It’s so perferct and I love the fact it’s rechargeable – will be a perfect
flight companion!

– Ryan C. –

My skin looks and feels better and I like the convenience and privacy of the treatments at home.

– Bob T. –

Trusted And Used By Dermatologists Worldwide

Omnilux is recognized as the world leader in medical-grade LED light therapy devices. For the first time, there is an at-home device based on proven, professional-grade technology.

– Jared Jagdeo, MD

Associate Professor of Dermatology, SUNY Downstate Medical Center

– Terri Absher

Total Glo Medical SpaMenlo Park, CA

– Hany Abi Ghosn, MD

Aesthetic Medicine

Omnilux Contour products are based on the same technology as our medical systems
used by thousands of dermatologists and aestheticians worldwide.

In Clinical Studies, Omnilux
Contour Users Agreed:


Skin felt firmer after 3 treatments
per week for 4 weeks.


Fine lines appeared less visible after 3 treatments per week
for 4 weeks.

*Studies available upon request


Skin was brighter and plumper after 3 treatments per week
for 4 weeks.

Get Professional
Results At Home

Designed with the same optimized energy output and wavelengths of light as our gold-standard medical devices, you get professional results in a single, 10-minute treatment session.

& Painless

Made for
Men’s Skin

Easy, Quick, & Comfortable

Proven Results

Natural &
Chemical Free


Professional-Quality Results
At A Fraction Of the Cost

For the price of 2 or 3 in-clinic light treatments you can own your own professional quality Omnilux device, and treat wherever, whenever you like!

Unlimited Treatments:

$395 $495oo


Six Treatments:



Six Treatments:


Medical-Grade Light Therapy Revitalize’s Your Skin Naturally

As we age, damaged skin loses elasticity and the ability to regulate pigment production. This leads to sags, wrinkles, age spots, and redness. With published clinical studies and 20 years of research, Omnilux Contour uses optimized doses of red and infrared light to supercharge the body’s own natural cellular healing response, and reverse the visible signs of aging.

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